The Pros and Cons of Antique and Vintage Cars – Modern and classic cars

Ever seen a vintage car guzzling through the road between all the modern age marvels? A vintage car is a way to look into the past from the eyes of the present. Some people consider these cars a piece related to their ancestors and help its restoration. For many these cars are a status symbol and help them work up the social circles. On the other hand many believe that a vintage cars are not environmentally safe and cause too much pollution, thus its restoration and participation in rallies should not be allowed. Some pros and cons of a vintage car are:Pros:o Historical importance: Antique and vintage cars are of great historical importance, they serve as a proof of human advancement though generations. A vintage car restoration involves restoring an historical genius to its original form.o Ancestral pride: For many people vintage and antique cars serve as a proof of their ancestral pride and honor. These cars signify the rich cultural and social history that is passed through generations in a family. Restoring and using such a car is of utmost importance to such people and a wise thing too.o Status symbol: Since the dawn of time antiques are regarded as a status symbol, from vintage furniture and rare paintings to relics related to a lost civilization, these pieces of art and history have forever been in the books of the high class shoppers. Vintage and antique cars, like other historical collectibles, are also taken as a status symbol for their classic and suave appeal.o Hobby: Although, considered as hobby of the riches, collecting and restoring vintage and antique cars is a very addictive hobby. People have gone from buying really expensive pieces of history’s junk and converted them to a celebration of historical glory and recognition of human advancement done through centuries of hard work.o Social cause: Vintage car rallies help raise money for many social purposes.Cons:o High on maintenance: Maintaining an antique is not everyone’s cup of tea. Proper care is needed to maintain an antique and vintage car.o Space requirements: Antique and vintage cars need a lot of space for proper parking and body care. Antique care, usually being large in size are have to be driven carefully to park, closed and constrained spaces would cause a lot of trouble and may harm the cars body.o Difficulty to find spares: The most important and difficult step in restoring an antique and a vintage car is to find the required spares. Many times the spares are not available and could only be bought with special requests to the company. Many times spares and parts are made custom made to fit the structure of the vintage car.The facts mentioned above will give you a good idea whether you will like to add a vintage car to your stable. In case you feel confident of your choice then do go ahead and bring a priceless beauty into your home.